Resume Writing

Your resume should not simply be a list of job titles and duties.

Your resume is your first impression to a potential employer and needs to leave a lasting impression. Your resume is critical to your success at securing that first vital interview, so it is worthwhile spending some time to perfect it.

A personally written profile, targeted to your industry, highlighting your education, training, skills, abilities and experience, combined with a concise history of employment and responsibilities will get you to interview.

You can gain the advantage by having a trained professional prepare this critical document for you. Remember, your pay, job location, type of job and responsibilities have a great impact on your lifestyle.

To stand out from the crowd, more is expected of your resume.

60 seconds

Statistics have shown that a prospective employee has around 60 seconds to sell their skills and impress an employer with his or her resume.

Make it count

A professional resume writer can open doors to that interview. At the interview you have the opportunity to prove how good you really are. Without a professional resume you may never get this chance.

Gain the advantage

A Resume & Typing Centre resume can significantly shorten the length of your job search and we can show you how to prepare yourself to outshine the competition.